Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A meeting of minds

Since I never know if these are posting and mostly I fear that you get to read yesterday's posts today, because "schedule" and "time" and "date" mean nothing,  I'm going to keep this short.

I was thinking today that it had been a long time since I last walked Dogger through our neighborhood. There must be tons of bottles and cans piling up that no one else will do anything about and I hate that, I like to be useful and walking Dogger while fun for her, can be boring for me, picking up cans and bottles gives me something to do in-between picking up dog shit.

Anyway, I haven't walked Dogger through the nab on our old route for months, and we walked there daily for years until we had two run ins with unleashed dogs and I decided that enough was enough and we were done with the route. There are a lot of places we can walk with a lot fewer unleashed dogs and fewer cans and bottles.

I missed the old route and my little glass and aluminum. I took a quick turn down the closet street and then headed back to safety, we didn't see any thing but I'm still a little leery. I did see a lot of cans and bottles though and while I forgot my bag, now I know where they are for the next time. Dogger and I had cleared the hood and were headed down a safe street for us when I was stopped by an older man who gave his address as the street we had just dipped our toes into. My first response was "I don't got no money" and  gave him a  quick look at Doggers' Concern Face - its a massive turn off for most panhandlers and drunks

It turns out the guy was not a panhandler or a drunk! He wanted to talk to me about a scene he had just witnessed. A white girl and her small white and black dog got menaced by two off leash pitts and the neighbor wanted to know if I knew the white girl and if this white girl would mind if he pressed charges against the owners of the pitts. It seems his street is a maze of drug houses and drug dealers and off leash pitts and I'm never walking Dogger on that street again - but regardless of that, he is one angry man and wants his street back.

He said the owners of the dogs reached the pitts before they had a chance to eat the other dog and its mistress and he didn't think either were hurt - Scared shitless, but not actually harmed. The girl and the dog left the site and moved on. The neighbor hates the drug houses and the drug dealers and the unleashed pitts and wants them all out. The man said he flagged down a cop and told him but there was nothing the cop could do without the actual victim.

He wants to go to he City Council and get them to change the rules for landlords about who and what they rent to and what those tenants do in the landlords house. I feel him on this, I also hate drug houses, drug dealers and off leash pitts.

He stopped me because in his mind all the new white folks that have moved in of late all know each other.  And happy racial profiling to you too, I told him I didn't know the white girl or her dog but I do know of another white girl who often walks two bloodhounds. I also told him that Dogger and I didn't walk the nab anymore because of the off leash dogs. Dogger is old, but fast, strong and fearless. My concern is her taking apart an off leash dog, but I am starting to think I might have it wrong.

Who knew it was safer to walk in the largely abandoned warehouse district than in my own residential backyard? The man gave me is card and told me to give it to the white girl if I see her, perhaps at one of our white girl meetings. Or when we're walking our dogs, when I run into her  I'll have to tell her about the safety and comfort of the unleashed dog free zone that makes up the largely abandoned warehouse district.

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