Friday, April 27, 2012

Yay Friday

Not much to report this time around, my Dad is in town and I am trying to be a good hostess or something. It is a bit of a challenge to have to cook for more-than-one and then cooking food that more than I want to eat. Shockingly, most people do not want to eat variations on a theme on a single food item. I like eating tilapia every night but I guess for some people that might get a little dull.

People who aren't me.

Change is good but variations on a theme also has strong arguments in its favor. You always know whats for dinner, for instance, much less angst and eventually, when you get tired of the single protean source, you move on. Change is good.

This weekend the theme is: Soups!

Today also marked the start of a New Book. I finished a book sale find and now I've moved on to another. I really like Carl Hiaasen and I thought that anything he wrote would be fascinating - and then he wrote a book about hating golf but going back to playing golf and buying clubs and playing golf badly and then buying better clubs and then angsting about playing golf badly. Thus far, this is not fascinating. Hopefully, he'll tell a story about murdering someone with a golf club and than I'll be fascinated.

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