Monday, April 16, 2012

One year later

I gave myself three tasks for the weekend : Attend Democratic County Convention, get the weed barrier down and make my pork dish.

I was a very good girl.

The barrier was its usual good time,  this year I added a degree of difficulty to the task by requiring that the barrier go down around plants already in the ground. Its easy when there isn't anything in the way but it gets a little tricky when you have to include an arts and crafts component in it as well.

But before I could do that, I had to go to the convention, it earned itself a place oin my schedule by being held two blocks from my house. I was the only member of my precinct to be in attendance. I hope the new First Vice Chair had a good reason to not go to either the convention or the County Executive Committee meeting that preceded the convention. She is lucky they reached quorum! A reasonably good time was had by all who were smart enough to leave before the resolutions portion of the meeting started. It may not look great to walk out and leave but I learned my lesson the hard way and now I'm hypertensive and I don't need the added stress. Also my shit list is very long all ready.

After the meeting and the garden work it was time to get cooking!

Doesn't it look good! What you can't tell from the picture is that it needed to cook for at least another forty-five minutes. I cut into it and discovered pork tartar! You would think that after an hour in the oven it would be adequately cooked but no, I think it should have been cooked at at least 400 for probably an hour and a half instead of an hour at 350. Its a very solid pork cake and it needs time to cook through. You have a layer of pork, a layer of stuffing and you just keep going until you run out. I should have known myself the cook time wasn't correct.

Anyway, after cooking it through out, I can say that while its good it isn't great and I think it makes a much better breakfast dish than a main course for dinner. You also have to really, really, really like bacon. I think if I made this again, which I will not, I would  fry at least briefly the outer covering a bacon before I set up the cake.

This weekend is the anniversary of the Spring Storms of 2011. I thought about this while I was happily working in the garden in the sun and thinking about why I had this bright sun to be working in.

What a difference a year makes.

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