Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The secret to My Parents' cat

I really tried to take pictures of the cats' feet. I wanted to to do because my Parents' Cat has verysmall tiny, feet - which I think explains her over all bad temperament! Her feet are so tiny that they must cause her pain! I would growl and hiss and generally be unpleasant and bitey if my feet were as mall as hers. really, her front foot-hand is the size of my thumb nail and I keep my nails short.

I wanted to compare and contrast MPC unnaturally tiny feet with Small Cats perfectly normal sized feet but as it turns out, cat feet photograph very badly and made it next to impossible to compare or contrast, you just have to take my word for it.

I think she's a nasty and given to biting as she is because she suffers from  either some sort of ancient kitty genetic foot binding condition or she was a lab cat at some evil cat building lab and she was a failed attempt. All of her feet are tiny, front and back.  Small Cat on the other hand, has normal healthy sized feet and he is a friendly, sweet non-bitey cat.

MPC is smaller, much, much smaller and lighter but I think this is either because of ancient Chinese cat foot binding or the cat lab fiasco or she might even be some sort of dwarf cat breed that isn't registered. She's very small, weighs next to nothing and unnaturally teeny feet. I would also bet that her legs are shorter and her trunk smaller than a normally configured cat as well.

I think the lab fiasco, prior to it being a fiasco, what they were trying to do was come up with some sort of super awesome ever-kitten breed of cat and their first draft was MPC - she turned out way too sour, due in large part to her unnaturally small feet and the attendant pain due to their unnatural size so they "donated" her to the animal rescue and they had to  go on to their next draft.

 She doesn't look like a Frankencat, she really looks almost perfect until she bites you because she's awake or you took a breath in her airspace while she was looking in your direction or you interrupted  one of her ten daily gaks on the carpet or your bed or you tried to feed her or save her from a burning building or any of the 10,000 unforgivable sins you can commit when you share space with her.

You will try desperately to please her though her eyes are gorgeous and look like they understand everything and give you the impression that she generally wants only to sooth whatever you need soothed, which is normally the pain from her last bite, she has the most lovely fur ever, you look at and say "I want to touch it immediately! Where have I see than fur like that before?", it was not a  mink coat or  an ermine jacket, you saw it on baby ducks! she has baby duck down fur! Permanent baby kitty fur!

When you see her, it appears that you could just sink right into her and it would be all fluff, no bones and if you did run into a bone, it would be made of velvet or be squishy and you should squeeze her all the time and she would purr and head butt and make you so happy and she  would live to please you because she is just that adorable.

In reality, her  tragic, unnaturally tiny feet hurt all the time and she hates everyone, including you.

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