Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Because I can.

Mostly because it is the cutest thing I've ever seen and I decided to share it because it just the sweetest thing ever.  The Dog is holding his hand!

Okay, back to my world.

 I decided to go another route with the left over flowers; I pulled every available pot off the bench and filled them all. Now I have flowers everywhere.
A lot of the flowers were looking more than a little peaky so I decided I needed to get them in the dirt now. I would have liked to be able to come up with a more interesting way of displaying them but I guess in the end it was the old school approach that worked best. If I could have found an old metal bedstead... Hopefully even without the world’s largest planter, in a few weeks the house will look like a very large impressionist painting or that it got caught in a paint ball war - And on a more useful level, the flowers should attract bees that will service my vegetable plants and give me lots and lots of veggies. Of course I have essentially fetal vegetable plants at present and they are in no way ready for any servicing of any kind and I still haven't received my replacement tomatoes and they will be teeny  and weeks behind where I would like them to be.

  I am going to have to be very careful when I unplant the other tomatoes and then nurse them for a time in pots before they are re-homed with my Dad.  It’s going to be really not fun to get the plants switched out because there is next to no wiggle room in the bed as it is and doing the change is going to be frustrating and require a lot more delicacy that my normal garden routine of stomping around like a Clydesdale and hoping for the best. I am going to have to do my best impression of one of those miniature horses if this is going to work out and end with as little loss of tomatoes life as possible.
 I am still a little shocked that I only lost one of the wrong plants thus far and the others seem to be not in the process of dyeing either. They don't seem to be growing but they aren't withering away either. The peppers look a little taller than they did at first but they aren’t going nuts either. I'm hoping it’s because they are saving up strength to produce like gang busters later on in the season. Hopefully, before I leave for vacation in August.

 The potatoes are chugging along. The earliest should be ready  for harvest the middle of June and the last at the end of July. There are already flowers on some of the plants and that's a good sign. One of the plants has started to fall under its own weight but they did that last year too and the plants weren’t as tall. I'm hoping that one plant is just getting lazy and it’s not a sign of a darker problem like bug infestation or some sort of potato blight. Everything looks lush and green and I have found a handful of dead leaves on all of the plants, I don't think this is a dire warning. I haven't found anything eating the leaves as a full time job and there is thus far no sign of bugs eggs or other infestation.

I am going to spray them this weekend though because I have also seen some chewed leaves and this is not something I want to become a habit to the local bug population. They are welcome to visit but they can't stay here full time. I am concentrating on the number of healthy, unchewed dark green leaves and strong, upright stems.

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