Thursday, May 3, 2012


Just last week I woke up in the middle of the night to find a blanket because I was cold, last night I went to bed knowing that a more minimal sleep-on-top-of-the-sheet theme was better because I was hot.  I was thinking that with the hammock in the backyard now that maybe some night I could sleep on it... I would need to move it so I would not be on display all night but I think it would be nice or at the very least interesting

Nice, in a "wow those sirens are really loud" and "will those drunks please shut up all ready and pay the damn hooker and stop yelling about it" - Oh yeah, I sleep with my windows open, I have learned a lot about the mating rituals of the poor and crack addicted. I think for one night it would be neat. I would have Dogger with me of course - in her Dog tent, I'm not letting the elements have their way with her. But it might be an adventure. And I'm pretty sure that Dogger wouldn't bark all night long and I think it might send a good message to the neighborhood night life low lives that there could be on any given night a huge and frightening dog in my backyard and maybe they should keep their distance every night, for their own piece of mind.

Actually, because I want the elements to have their way with me either, I saw a Diana tent at Kroger that looked promising. I think the hammock would just fit inside and with it I think I really could spend the night outside. Its has an attached floor and the "walls" are mesh.I think its meant for the beach but I think it would rock in my new and improved back yard.

I've been wondering if  Small Cat would like The Kitty's old tent. The Kitty hated the tent despite my best intentions and all the talking up I did of it, himself, but Small Cat is a totally different creature and he might like the tent. I might just surprise him with it this weekend - if I can remember where I put it, The Kitty could have hidden it and would have and I bet he did when I wasn't watching. I think  Small Cat would enjoy being outside under controlled circumstances maybe. He likes my parents deck, he might like his own yard. But then The Kitty loved my parents deck too and he loathed the tent and my backyard.

The Kitty loathed a lot of things though and I think Small Cat should have the chance to make his own decisions. Small Cat doesn't loathe anything.

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