Friday, May 4, 2012

Too Much

I have a food hangover. I ate too much at the  better-late-than-never Administrative Professionals' Day luncheon - Who knew there was so much Lebanese food that  I would find tolerable? I mean the chick pea based paste was not a turn on and the less said about the egg plant based paste food the better, but those people do have a way with chicken and steak!

And I did have my way with the chicken and steak. And then I came back to the office and went to a sorry-you-are-sick-even-though-you-won't-tell-us-with-what-exactly reception for our boss, where we had food again and then as I was walking out the door someone gave me a donut.

I didn't eat the donut until way, way later but now I am so hung over I can barely stand up! I took Dogger out to pee in the yard and that was about more than I could handle - and then I came back inside and found the pilot episode of 30 Rock and an episode of American Restoration on my DVD and one thing led to another and now its very late and I have had way too much protean today.

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