Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I joined twenty-two million and counting others over the weekend when my family and I saw River Dance, we agreed as cool as it was, and it was cool, those dancers are fantastic - it was not necessary to see it or them, again. They seem to be on a lot of peoples' bucket list of entertainment. I enjoyed the whole show and did not spend, as I have at other entertainments, spent a lot of time thinking about the stagecraft while playing Spot the Crew Member and wondering about how many costumes they had to build - yeah, I'm talking to you,/i> Le Miz. You thought I forgot about you. I didn't.

I did spend a lot of time wondering how they kept their knees from just falling out from under them and when that does happen, do they just shoot them? Its definitely a young persons show, there wasn't a single person in the cast that looked over twenty-five. peaking of the not-young, Michale Flatly has left the building and apparently the company worships at another church now.

 The theme of the show seemed to be Hey, remember when we used to be Druids? and  hey, remember when we were chattel and  hey, remember when then we immigrated to America? hey, some of us didn't and now we're here!

It was a very good show though and if they come through your town I would advice you to go see them.

To completely change the subject. I "had" to harvest another bin today, I decided to pull one of the Guadalupe bins. I noticed the flowers were all gone and the stems were falling and some of the leaves had yellowed and I was just curious about these potatoes. I can't find them anywhere, if you do a search for "guadalupe potatoes" you get  articles about potatoes grown in Guadalupe, Mexico - but nothing about a variety called "guadalupe". I wanted to see what I was getting. It turns out I am getting small, white taters' and not many of them at that.

I think the plant wastes a lot of energy maintaining the very pretty flowers the plant produces and this leaves the tubers to suffer. I think what I'm going to do with the little bit that I harvested is to just to boil and mash the lot of them. lesson learned, in the future I'll stick to varieties I have heard of  or at the very least, show up on lengthy lists of types and varieties of potatoes.

I still have two bins of them, I removed the flowers hopeing maybe this will send some of the plants energy back to the spuds.

Speaking of energy, I think its time to turn on the a/c. Its just too hot in the house anymore and its getting to be a little wearing. I hate to do it though but into every life a huge electric bill must fall and its my turn.

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