Thursday, May 31, 2012


Something I don't think about until after I have the first peaches of the season home and on my counter ready to be cut into... Cling Stone or Free Stone? I always forget to ask the fourteen year old truant  home schooler who sells me the peaches that but I always forget. If you want a laugh, ask a home schooled kid out working during the school day about "semantics".

But anyway. The magic word is "free stone".  Because otherwise you end up with "messy peach".

My peach buying skills need work  but with my home growl produse, I did much better, I went forward with my mashed potato plan with the guadalupes.

What? All the vitamins are in the skins. I also included an orphan all blue I had upstairs. I was kind of hopeing that it would lend a bit of color to the dish but it was over ruled.

I was a little worried because I just splashed some milk in and added what butter I had to the mix and of course, cooked them with garlic but, I was a little concerned they would be very good or the texture would be off or they would taste like paste because the spuds were not great. I was wrong, they were so good! Really, really good. I intentionally didn't over mash them because I like a little bit of lump in my potatoes, otherwise I think too smooth mashed potatoes look like paste. I made a really nice meal with these and then I remembered that I had a more than a touch of cheese sauce left in the fridge that looking to be put to work sooner rather than later, and I wondered if they could work together.

The answer being, Yes they can!  And they look kind of neat too, maybe a little smoothed out for my  tastes, but I over looked that because they tasted so good.

They'll taste great with the sausages for Thursday dinner. Num.

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