Friday, June 1, 2012

Friday June 1

I went to my favorite boutique plant nursery and they didn't have any potatoes. They might have some in the fall but they will absolutely have a lot in February.  The helpfulness was awe inspiring.

I looked online a little but most outlets are very proud of their potatoes, I understand, I am very proud of my potatoes as well but after checking the prices of online potato sets, I've checked the exchange rate and if you've been wasting your money on gold, let me tell you, there is another way to put your money to work.

The other option is that I just don't grow another wave of spuds and I just use what I have and intersperse them with pasta, because in general carbs are so good for us - I do have a pasta make and I could "grow" my own pasta...

I thought I had an off weekend but as it turns out my favorite yearly art show/fancy plant sale is this weekend.. Next weekend I'm going to see my parents, the weekend after that is the State Democratic Convention, held in Downtown Raleigh so not only will I be there with bells on, I can ride my bike! and ... the month is just started and its all ready over! July 4th is right around the corner and then in August I go on vaca! and while on vaca I'm going to have to produce a Christmas card...

Okay. Its June 1. Breath. In honor of it being well, Friday, I'm going to buy a whole smallish chicken and make Peking Chicken, yes, purists might object to the substitution, but what grocery sells ducks? Perhaps yours but mine specializes in pork offal. I looked at the recipe and I actually have what it calls for and why not? I'll buy it Friday after work and let it sit over night and by Saturday afternoon it and I will be ready for it to go into the oven, I'll roast some potatoes with it and well, nummy and many days of nummy leftovers as well.

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