Friday, May 25, 2012

Diana and the purple 'tato

I had this idea that I would ride my bike to the post office to mail some bills because my postman skipped my house again - I've always understood that the rule is "Neither rain nor snow now sleet nor dark of night will keep the carrier from his appointed rounds..." but as it turns out, "hot, over cast and muggy" is a deal breaker. My idea became that would ride my bike to the post office and then take Dogger for a walk.

After some thought, and spending a little more time outside in the hot and muggy, I altered my plan and said "Instead of making two trips out, why not just walk Dogger to the post office and kill two birds with one stone? Always a fan of efficiency, I grabbed my bills and Dogger and away we went - around the corner.

Dogger must have gotten a bad vibe or she proscribes to the postman's Hot and Muggy rule, because she was not going to the post office, she wanted to do her thing and then she wanted to gohome, and so we did. To punish us both for 1) not wanting to go for a walk and 2) allowing the dog to decide we were not going for a walk,  I made us spend sometime in the backyard. While Dogger made like a goat, I poked around one of my all blue bins and noticed that one of the spuds had broken the surface. I don't know what this means. I guess that it probably means I should have added more dirt and just covered it back up, but I decided since the escapee was a pretty good size that it might mean that the plants are ready to be harvested. The stems were all ready falling and some of the leaves have started to die back and those are genuine signs of readiness for harvest, so I decided to go ahead and harvest.

And lo, there were potatoes

They are not blue, they are well and truely purple,  I mean  p u r p l e .

 I took the skin off my test spud and these puppies are hardcore purple food all the way down. I think my cooking adventure with these are to see if I can find a recipe to make oven baked chips because I understand that all blues are good for chip making and I've never made home made chips before. And lo, there was a recipe! . While I was looking through chip recipes, I saw a picture of mashed purple spuds and they are really pretty! They come out a nice shade of lavender and who hasn't wanted to eat lavender food? Yay for purple potatoes!

I waited an hour  or so post non-walk and it had cooled down and I was able to ride to the post office and actually enjoy it. I credit the potatoes.

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