Thursday, May 24, 2012


It got all dark  as I was leaving work and the weather people were blowing up my phone to let me know that I was going to very likely die very soon because of thunderstorms .  Yes, shockingly, in the spring, a spring storm was expected and it might rain because we know how scary rain can be - to the paper mache community,  whom I'm sure were quite terrified and justly so. The rest of us looked up and noticed the sky was a little more say, auberjean than it was earlier and we reminded ourselves again that we should just leave an umbrella in the car for moments just like this.

It dribbled and the umbrella-less felt the thrill of vindication.

I went after work to a state sponsored Green Market, held on the gracious front porch of a state owned historic property - where according to the email, there would be many fruits and vegetables as well as fresh "locally" caught seafood. I myself do not define "local" as caught hours away, days ago as "fresh" but I thought I would drop by.

$4 for a pint of blueberries! The nerve!  many bags of new potatoes that I did not need, two heads of broccoli for too much, three onions, and a cooler displaying some fish, my thought was I feel like an East German! I went in for the fish but I would have been better served by the tilapia I had home in the freezer. I would also be willing to bet that either of the two fish mongers by my office would have been cheaper and the fish larger. Now I know.

I came home and made myself some crushed garlic potatoes - not as smooth mashed as I didn't add milk, but very good non-the-less which I ate while waiting for my fish to bake. My potatoes were delicious, the fillet came with bones.

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