Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Art is good for you.

This weekend when I wasn't dancing attendance to dough spending time and money at Artsplosure, I was a delegate to my Congressional districts  convention  at Johnson County's Department of Social Services campus. It tells me that Johnston County has more than its share of old, poor and mentally ill residents. Their DSS has its own campus .

The "convention" was held in  Smithfield, which much to my shock is not just a type of ham, it is also the home of the Eva Gardner museum - a place I would have visited had the convention not been run at the pace of  evolution! I would also have been more likely to have visited the EGM if the meeting had been held at the announced location downtown instead of miles from the main drag - something I only learned after I arrived in town and found a sign saying the convention had been moved to XX location. Good thing I know Smithfield so well (not!), I might have driven around getting lost for much longer than I did. I might have just gone home to the twentieth century and been done with it.

Also "refreshments provided" does not translate to me as "Tiny bags of chips and  mini-bottles of water" all day. At least I know for sure they weren't spending my hard earned donations on fancy wastes of cash like food and drink. Or a decent site or even worse for those long, drawn out, badly run meetings, comfortable seating. Padded seats are for fat cat rethuglicans.  We are the true inheritor's of Pat Nixon's cloth coat.

And then I escaped came home and went to the art show and saw lots of beautiful pieces I really wanted and I got many ideas of really great gifts I could give to this one and that one, but sadly, that was the hunger and thirst talking and I had to keep it reality based.

Sunday I did the buying. I slept on a couple of things and changed my mind about another and went with some nice but not too pricey options I had been thinking of. In art like retain, small isn't nessarly cheap, I saw a few smaller works that I would have loved to have on my walls had they weren't priced their weight in gold. I need the Big Lott's of art shows to come to town.

And then I came home and read my book on the hammock with Dogger and while we were out there I started to think about Small Cat and how much Dogger and I were enjoying the sun and the breeze and so I got Small Cat and brought him outside with us. It turns out he doesn't like direct sunlight or being too far from me. We worked it out and had a nice afternoon.

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