Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Open you wallet

My second official political activity. Go David Price! I was the only white person there not running for election. The crowd was very fired up and ready to vote for Obama and planning on making everyone they know vote for Obama, and work hard to achieve that goal. A few words were said about homophobic preachers and their ignorance and what is going to be done about these trifling individuals. Suffice to say, repent, gentleman. That light you see is not Jeebus, its a train and you are tied to the tracks.

Both political meetings I attended are going to work to keep NC blue and vote the rethuglicans out of office. Not surprising given the populations, both long term Democratic strong holds - although both get lazy and both have cost the Democrats seats because we take our gains for granted. We don't realize that nothing is written in stone and the GOP is made up of of thieves who take what is not theirs. They may not break into your house and steal your TV but they do break in to the House of Representatives and steal your constitutionally protected freedoms. Insurance will replace your TV, nothing will replace a stolen civil right.

Are you a man? When was the last time anyone told you what you can do with your vas deferens? or called you a whore because you used a condom? Never? I hate you. Wait though, eventually, they will get to you.

I wonder how much more hate filled I would be if I started to keep track of how many push polls I receive from now until the election? So far I have three GOP polls and one DNC poll. I made the GOP polls sad and also very confused as to why a forty something year old single white woman is living at the address of of a ninety-year old black widow. She was even more liberal than I am so they would be barking up the wrong tree with her too. She gave a lot of money too, I can tell because the fundraising letters she gets arrive on stationary and are really signed while the stuff I get is all email and sometimes includes emoticons. Thus far, no one has gotten money out of either one of us because she's been dead for fourteen years and I have no money so I guess neither approach is panning out.

I'm going to have to change that soon though. Obama needs money, the Democrats in Wisconsin need money - the DNC is not making it rain there and I find that odd, its a huge show down between Us and Them and I think it would be a good place to throw money around. There are bad men hard at work there and I'm more than a little shocked the party isn't doing more to help The Good Guys turn things around there as well as kissing Obama voting Democratic voter ass. Grass roots groups are great and they make good feature stories but they don't raise the mass amounts of cash that a campaign like that needs to function. The GOP is funneling millions and millions into the recall elections and they could very well take everything back. If you have a few extra pennies or dollars or a credit card hanging around, help the Wisconsin Democrats take back the state and make the nightmare there stop.

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