Monday, May 14, 2012

Garden Update 8 2012

The garden is plugging along. The spuds are growing and developing and even doing their best to be decorative.

These are the Guadalupe potatoes. The All Blues are also flowering but not nearly as energetically as the others. The Yukon's didn't flower at all - wisely saving the energy for growing stronger spuds. The Yukon's are going to be the next to harvest, the stalks are falling over and the leaves are are starting to wither once they go its going to be a while for the other bins. The Guadalupe's are new in the ground and are at least a month from harvest while the All Blues are a late season variety so they have maybe, another month and a half to go.

I cut off one of the Guadalupe's, but its perking along like its twin.

In the more traditional garden everything is chugging along. I would like it to chug along a little faster but I always want that. The tomatoes could really get a little more energetic, but its not entirely their fault, its not been as warm or sunny as would be ideal for substantive growth.

They arrived very small and bent over and now they are very small and more upright. I learned from the first set that they do recover from the trauma of being mailed and will grow.

I decided to keep a couple of the first group of plants because they seemed to be doing so well I didn't want to disturb them from their progress. They are giving me a lot of hope for the younger plants.

Tell that to this little guy, I think he arrived taller this.

The peppers aren't as picky, they are doing much better.

Of course, the productive plants are the purple peppers I picked up locally and they started off weeks advanced of the ones I mail ordered. They will also produce all at once and then stop for the season, This is called determinate, the other plants won't produce as quickly but they'll produce all season, this is called in-determinate . Tomatoes are the same way, I usually avoid determinate varieties.

I planted six watermelon plants taking for granted that half weren't going to make it and the ones that do make it, only half of those will produse fruits. I'm not really worried about having too many. I think I got lucky last year with a single plant that lived to maturity and then produced fruit. They would also like it to be a little warmer and sunnier, but they love the rain.

The peas and beans are also cruising along. They are both growing and getting taller and the peas are all ready making pods. The peas are the happiest denizens of the garden, cool and damp is ideal for them.

My concern is a planted a snow pea type pea instead of a peas pea.  I'm going to keep an eye on these. I'll blanch and freeze whatever they turn into but I wanted peas.The green beans are getting taller and making leaves but they aren't ready for making beans.

In the front my blueberries are looking good and thus far, knock wood, aren't being molested by the birds.

In the planters I added some seeds for some glorious morning glories. Last year I just had them on the front stairs but I decided this year to spread the love.

If only a thrid of the seeds manage to grow up, the front of the house will be gorgeous - for a couple of hours a day.

Family picture.

If you plant it, you will harvest it, I have all these potatoes and I need to use them so I went hunting for recipes and found one I liked after I changed to suit my needs. It turned out really well and was delicious. It did spark a shopping trip to get a proper mandolin for slicing because the little stand up version I got a Wallyworld to make this ended up shredding my nails and leaving my knuckles bloody. While its good luck to bleed on sets and the inside of costumes I'm not sure the same goes for food.

And since I needed something to eat along with these, I watched some Cooking Network and latched onto Tourtiere, a French Canadian dish that was right up my alley: few ingredients, the use of pie dough,  and its very carnivore friendly as its stuffed with ground beef, pork and chopped onions. I'm eating the leftovers from one and I froze the other.

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