Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I just got back from my first official campaign event of the season. "Women for Obama", it was very well attended, SRO in fact and that made me very happy.  We agreed that Romney wants our uterus's in his trophy case and the rest of our bodies covered head to toe in some LDS/RNC approved burkas while Obama loves us for our minds and the only unattractive, body covering robes he wants us in are judges robes on the Supreme Court.

You will be pleased that not one cent of your campaign donations went to feeding us. They had water and three bottles of white wine and two plates of pita chips for us to munch on. 

And then they didn't even ask us for money! They went full undergrad on us with the buffet tables and didn't even ask for money! They didn't want our money they wanted our time! asked us to volunteer! They asked us to work phone banks and  do data entry and to go door to door. I mean really, when I saw how sad the spread was I was about to pull out my check book out of sympathy! I was wondering if they speaker's voice was shaking because she wasn't used to public speaking or because she was weak from selling blood.

It turns out that both the featured speakers are  long time, hard core Washington power brokers. They are not trembly-voiced little naifs. Yes, carrier yes-women, but still, political animals that shouldn't have suffered from shaky-voice when faced with speaking to a couple of hundred middle class women in a second floor banquette hall.

Maybe it was a southern strategy. Don't act too forceful, don't bring out the good old girls inner mean girls, seem small and shy so we didn't feel shouted at or bossed around. They did good job of telling us about Lilly Ledbetter and  Blount and how Romney is all for Blount and not for Ledbetter. Blount lets our employers decided whether we can have birth control or not and Ledbetter is for equal pay for equal work - Romney did not have an answer if he approved of Ledbetter but he can talk at length about how our uterus's would look in his trophy case.  So short answer, Romney wants to pay men more than women for the same work and he wants our bosses to decide our family planning for us . Lets hear it for the RNCs version of Small Government. Small enough to fit right up into our vagina's.

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