Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Perchance to dream, II

My goals for this evening is to first 1) Go to bed early, and then 2) stay in bed. Last night you would have thought I had a prostate and that it was angry.

First I work up because we were experiencing  a thunder and lightening storm and I thought it would be a good idea to turn off my electronics before they got fried. Fine, except I have electronics all over the house! that was at a quarter to two. I woke up at three thirty because it was still violently storming and I was afraid of water damage from my many open windows. Fine, but I had open windows in almost every room!  and very old windows that require a lot of audience participation and under the best of circumstances - i.e, during waking hours, daylight, not in the middle of a raging storm, getting them properly closed is something less than restful. Do you know how bright lightening is? Very. Lightening is very bright and thunder is very loud.

My midnight rambling was not for naught, none of my electronics got fried and my floors weren't a soupy mess when I came downstairs again at five-fifteen. This has happened once before when I decided hat it wasn't raining all that hard  and it wasn't that big a deal. It was and it was. I had failed to take in to account wind and what wind can do when it is feeling playful.

Lets just say  I wandered into the kitchen and walked into the middle of  the crew of Swamp People setting up a shot. It was not pretty and I was chasing 'gaters and toothless crackers out from under my stove for days. The upside was my kitchen floor hadn't been that clean in months, it was like a power washing from Gawd. 

Tonight its going to rain again, this time I'm going to be prepared, the electronics are going to be unplugged and all the hatches will be battened down.

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