Thursday, May 17, 2012

This spuds for you.

Its sinking in that I am going to have to learn many, many recipes utilizing potatoes. I looked up soups but then I thought How many potato based soups do I really want to eat during the summer months? I had three for dinner this evening and made a huge au gratin and the surface was barely scratched. I may need to donate spare spuds  to family members sooner than I had expected.

Potatoes aren't bad for you, despite their carb load, Atkins freaks. They have fewer carbs then rice or pasta and their skins are very high in antioxidants. I learned that cooked potatoes freeze just fine and along with my hoped for pepper, pea, bean and tomato harvest and that I am definitely going to need to get it together and get that chest freezer.

I forgot to pass on a potato related horror. I moved one of the bins from point A to point B, and when I causally looked at the empty spot and in the muddy circle I saw something moving! it was a grub - not one of the thumb nail sized grubs I had been pulling out of the garden but a monster grub that left a grove in the earth as it made its way! And it moved quick! The beast was four inches long and looked like a living infection and then it looked at me! It picked up its massive gooey head and looked at me!  and now I have typhoid or malaria or what ever it was made up of. I retaliated by I chopping it in half  with a trowel and then pulverized the parts. I'm certain it pulled itself together while my back was turned.  I should have burned the remains and then salted the earth.

If I had known those little bits could grow into anaconda sized garden terrorists I would have killed the little bastards dead instead of just throwing them over the fence. I probably spared that monsters' life months ago! Well, next year, grubs... No more Ms. Catch-and-Release, next year you'll (briefly)  meet Ms. Drown- in- Fingernail- Polish- Remover-And-Run-Over-With-Car.  Damn it.

I was messing around with google and found a recipe using potatoes in a very interesting way! Enter the Chocolate Mashed Potato Cupcakes! it also turns out that the rabidly gluten free have embraced the potato as a way to avoid gluten  in cakes and bread.  I think I'll pursue the potato bread angle

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