Friday, May 18, 2012

Rolling around.

If I had thrown there as going to two full hours of my two favorite TV shows on tonight I might have timed my evening , um, better. There is the chance I would not have taken that nap. It was a terrific nap though, it was raining and that made this really great sound-scape and the room had this really restful half-light and I had just finished  dinner and went to the couch everything  and  suddenly...

I did decide, and no it did not come to me in a dream, the next potato based experiment is going to be ... POTATO ROLLS! Yes, I am going to  make a dough that isn't fit for dogs.  I don't have to use all the potatoes right  away, but "new" potatoes don't have the shelf life of say, any other kind of potato which can last for months under ideal circumstances.

So. Rolls. I did notice when I was studying recipes that rolls aren't like dog cookies. They have flour and water but they also have sugar and yeast and water where it matters what the temperature of it is. This is most unexpected and hard to achieve. What is the definition of "room temperature? Have you ever been in my room? Its pretty warm unless its winter and then its genuinely cold and the temperature where? The kitchen is warmer once the oven is fired up while the back bedroom is an icebox for most of the year. Some rooms do not have their own source of water, what about the temperature in the living room or the office? This may be too much for me.

Maybe I'll just not think about it too much. Other than this non-specific "room temperature" water many of the mention , the rest of the recipe and the instructions aren't too weird. Weird as defined by "why are these so long and whats with all this measurement and detail? Dog cookies are kind of about mood and where you are at a given moment.

I thought I was down with the original recipe I found but then I then found  another recipe that calls for a stand mixer to do the dirty work kneading. So, the next time I don't have an over scheduled weekend approaching, I'm all over it.

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