Thursday, May 10, 2012

Nap time

I stayed at work late, which sucks,  because I got to work early but it was worth it when my boss told me I was lazy. I was pissed as hell but the tardy arrival home did keep Daisy and I from getting caught in a violent deluge. It was raining  on my way home and by the time Dogger needed to go out and pee, she refused to go out .

I tried to talk her into walking around under the car port but she wouldn't co-operate, she'll relieve herself in the middle of the street while dodging traffic but she's too good to pee in he own driveway? Instead she decided to eat her dinner with her knees crossed, I didn't need to add any water to her dinner because her back teeth were all ready floating. While she ate I closed all the windows in the house and watched the wind blow.

Watching Dogger eat made me hungry so I heated up the food court Chinese I brought home last night. I thought it was a second meal but as it turns out, one piece of meat, three chunks of unidentifiable coating and four cups of greasy, beige rice with things in it, really isn't a meal, especially after you dispose of the rice.  It turns out unidentifiable coating is not microwavable. Who knew? I think the whole meal should have come with a warning.

I imagine poor Dogger ended up she ended up having to think dry thoughts for longer than she planned. It wouldn't stop raining and then, the power went out. DirecTV is not really excited about that happening, and  it really doesn't like it when it flickers on and off before it finally stops kidding with you. I couldn't watch TV and I couldn't  make dinner and I couldn't walk the dog and I didn't need to water the plants. My only remaining option was napping.

There is nothing as restful as pounding rain and power outage to make for a lovely nap experience. And a kitty, add a kitty to the mix and you may just stay there all night. But then the power came back and startled the kitty and the rain was less pour-y and more Dogger friendly and my lovely nap was a memory.

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