Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Get it when you can.

Today for exercise I walked around the mall because I can never remember where the Lendscrafters is and I always park, as it turns out, no matter what my intentions were,  as far as possible from where they are located, second floor next to the Sears and across from the Brookstone. I did a lot of walking.

I was at the Lendscrafters because ta da! Today is New Glasses Day! I went for my yearly optometrist appointment and came away with a ticket for a new pair of glasses. Yay!

Yes, my life is a festival of excitement, thank you for not pointing that out.

Anyway. New Glasses are slightly horn rimmed, updated and styled for a woman, thankyouverymuch and are in the burgundy into purple family of the color spectrum. I think they are made by Vogue, as were my last pair that seems to have fallen out of favor as their was no 2012 version available. They could also be made by Tory Burch. I had gone a few months ago and looked a frames and even found one I liked and then upped the anti by finding a frame color in the same style that I liked better.

I decided the frame had too much bric a brac on the arms and reminded me a little of teeny, tiny trellisi. So I changed my mind and found the least bedazzled frame in the store. Bedazzling is very big in frame fashion, lots of bling, lots of "jools". I don't think I would be apposed to a patterned frame, that might be interesting but I just can't really embrace the bling. I would like to, but its no for me. I think there is  a certain population that things glasses makes it look more serious or as if they posses gravitas that they do not, when in fact it makes them look like they are wearing grills on their eyes - which may be the point, stylistically. It doesn't work on them and it doesn't work on me.

Sadly, the frame designers think its a fabulous look and they want us all to wear it, unless we have $400 to drop on some very unenhanced frames that look like they came form the NHS back in the fifties.

If you really don't want bling on your frames you can go to a retro style. You! Can! Go! Back! To! The Eighties! in enormous plastic frames that cover you face and can be used as part of a stylish Universal Precautions rig.I saw frames that I would have rejected in 1982 as being too much and I wore enormous frames. Really, today my neice and nephew use them as wading pools.

I still remember being shocked when Annie Sullivan style frames began to hit the marker, they were tiny, not even as robust as John Lennon's' granny glasses. And I loved them.  And now the eighties are back.

Yuck. Oh and speaking of yuck, the ignorant, backwards yokels of North Carolina have voted to maintain that image. I declare it open season on yokels. I wonder how had it would be to buy every single thing I need from out of state vendors?

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