Monday, July 9, 2012

Cleaning up

I have a friend due to visit this week and that made me look around the house and shiver. I had a lot of work to do and then I noticed that Small Cat was itchy. Very.

Small Cat was hosting his own flea circus! I've never had fleas in the house the whole time I've had animals in  the house and all of a sudden Small Cat is a vacation destination. I blame his brief visits to the vet office and then the pet hospital with Daisy for bringing the little monsters into my house. I also think Daisy not being here to act as a host for stray fleas, she always had  Frontline on but I think she may have still played host for some here and there. Now all the beasts are picking on him sand he has much less square footage available.

Or they were until I nuked my house with flea killer powder and vacuumed everything, trust me everything I went through three cans of powdered flea killer! If it could not be vacuumed it got thrown in the wash. I even bathed Small Cat! And now he is going to wear the Frontline.

He is pouting, but he's not itching, so I think he'll eventually forgive me for doing that to him - I wonder if he'll stop hanging out in the bath tub or if he won't put two and two together. I know he'll never look at the kitchen sink the same way again. He was very good for a cat who had never been immused before, and yes, he was unhappy but he didn't try very hard to hurt me or escape, I think because he was in such shock. Next time, he'll know better.

Hopefully, there won't be a next time.

Okay, but before I could do all of the, I went to my neighbors 60th Anniversary Party! It was a fabulous evening.

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