Tuesday, July 10, 2012

How To...

I'm not sure you noticed but Daisy died a month ago.  It feels like its been a million years, everything changed.

I had to find something to fill the time so I took up swimming - although I haven't been in a week! Thank you arbitrary pool schedule and also I had no idea it was necessary to close an indoor pool because it was lightening outside? So . I did try, I was there, I had my ID, I had my bag, I was there and they were closed.

The days last week were out of my control too. One day they were closed, the next day was a holiday and I was busy, the next day I had to go to the pharmacy and Friday I had to go to Lenscrafters to get my lens fixed.

I was sitting at my desk and I noticed that there was a glitch on my lens, like a finger print or a water spot and I  said Hmm. When did this happen? and I took them off and peered down and saw this thing on my lens. I was immediately kind of horrified because it had a color too it, a brown haze and this haze was surrounding a ding!

It was not there in the morning, because I would have been on the phone much earlier in the day. I called Lenscrafters and told them about this new development - expecting immediate sympathy and offers to replace the whole messed up mess. I didn't get it. They asked what I done to them. I told them I didn't do anything and from where I was sitting, it looked like this was their fault because I decided that the lens was too large for the frame and it, over time had enough and burst, I went on to add that I thought the haze was rust!

I skipped another day of swimming to go all the way to the mall and found my way to the store. I actually remembered where it was this time so I didn't have to wander the whole mall to find it. I did have to spend more time in Sears than I would have liked but it was unavoidable.  I entered the store and went to the desk and waited. And waited. The manager was dealing with someone else and that was okay but then a minion  came up and waited on a couple who came in after I did. This did not improve my mood.

Another minion finally noticed me and I  calmly and respectfully, yet making it clear that this needed to be "taken care of", explained my problem - but not before he asked what I did to the glasses.this also did not add to my attitude because I wouldn't be here demanding that they fix it if I broke them. I love it when they assume that all  their customers are trash.

The best time to go into a store and complain about service is when A) the manager is there and B) when the store is full.  A  powerless minion will reject you because it doesn't have the "Authority to make that call" and will suggest you come back when the manager is there, this is infuriating and wastes your time. Their hope with this tact is that you will go away and forget the problem or just get so mad you decide to not let fix it anyway. This is there sincere hope.

 If you go in when the store is empty, there is nothing to make them make you stop shrieking about the bad service you received, but just raise your voice about a service issue in a crowded store and your problem gets solved. I didn't get the replacement frames I had kind of decided I wouldn't turn down, but I did get the pricey lens replaced for free. Yay.

So in a month my dog died, my car broke and my a/c stopped working and then my glasses cracked. When is it going to be winter because summer thus far, as not rocked.

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