Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Got it behind me.

I finally got to go swimming again! Its been over a week! How am I supposed to do this every day when I din;t do it every day? This is no way to make something part of your every day routine.

It had been so long that I didn't even try to get in the thirty laps I had worked my way up to. This make me sad and I bet if I could have gone every day I might have been up to thirty-five! Or not but there is the possibility I could have been there. Today, I didn't even bother to keep count because I knew I was going to disappoint myself. In my defence, I did have a couple of things to do after work other than swimming so I really couldn't spend a lot of time at the pool working though my issues.

I needed to get home and speak with my friend who was coming from out of town - it turns out that he was stuck in Tampa and was going to be running late. This worked out well for me because before I left work  I got a call from Lenscrafters letting me know my lens was ready, I really wanted to get my glasses back to where they were supposed to be, so after work, I told my friend that we would get together tomorrow night instead.

A girls got to do what a girls got to do and I had to go to the mall. I kept being sorely tempted as every store in the mall was having huge sales and I love a huge sale but I decided to stay on mission and keep my eyes on the Puppy. It was my own  forty days in the desert ya'll! I was tempted at every turn : That top is adorable! Puppypuppypuppy! OMG I totes need that bathing suit! Puppypuppypuppy! That skirt is 80% off!?, It was hard, ya'll but I demanded that those retail Satan's get themselves behind me! I managed to get of the mall and eat dinner for under $3.50. Puppypuppypuppy!

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