Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday Yay!

And I baaack! Sorry! I had a friend in town and well...its hard to ask someone to cool their heels while you write an entry. Its just not very polite, especially after you have to tell them to disregard the very large dead roach at the bottom of that vase they just complimented. Well. We had a nice visit and I was very pleased with the house, except for that dead roach, that was not pleasing but at least it was dead.

Downtown Raleigh was on its best behavior and it even managed to be not all that hot, while at the same time not raining, so we enjoyed walking around. We did not enjoy the restaurant but that wasn't anyone's fault, the food was just not great and that could happen anywhere - Italian food can be so unpredictable.

For those of you keeping score, my parents cat still refuses to come out of the bedroom. I would understand if there was still a dog to be scared of but the dog is gone - or is she? Maybe she is still in the house and that's why she won't leave the room!  Cats see ghosts don't they? If Daisy is in the house, I wish I could see her too I really like that idea.  I wish the cat would come out of the room because then she could throw up on more things then just my bedspread, over and over and over again! I mean, its certainly easier if she limits her gaking to the one one room, but I would appreciate if she could maybe baptise the carpet instead of the bed every once in a while.  It is easier than playing hide and seek with the gak, but it would be really awesome of she would just stop gaking - I wouldn't mind so much if my parents would buy some non-staining cat food. I'm sure there is some fancy brand that doesn't use artificial dyes so when its gaked up it doesn't leave a stain. Or, even better, they did use dyes but you could buy a food that goes with your decor! I imagine such good product design is expensive and would not be carried by Walmart.

In good news, I swam fifteen laps two days in a row! Yay me!

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