Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday, Monday

Its hotter than hell outside right now, if you were interested. Its hotter than Dallas and Dallas is pretty much hell in the summer time so it is officially, hotter than hell here.

You know what is nice about living by yourself? You can decide that its too damn hot for a bra and just go braless - no comments from the peanut gallery, no remarks. Suddenly, you are less uncomfortable then you were and you can move on. And later on, if you decide what you really want to do is put on a halter top, you can do that too. Even if it is a little small.

And ultimately, you are running around half naked but its  all right because this is your house and you can do anything you want. Damn it. Life is good. You might want to stay away from the windows, but life is still pretty good

Speaking of windows, the house a cross the street is now green with white trim and has an orange front door. I'm not sure where I am on the door, it would be a better green if the house was in a thicket of trees or was well set back from the road, but as it is, its surrounded by over grown hedges and now looks a lot like  yet another another over grown hedge. Why would you choose to  camouflage yourself as yet another over grown hedge? And if you were going to do so, why do you not paint the chimney and then  paint the stairs?!

I had an all around good weekend. My friend and I had a terrific visit, we spent Saturday walking the paths around Lake Johnston - got my exercise for the entire weekend - and then we went shopping at Cameron Village,  where we found a sidewalk sale and I scored some new sneakers, and I found a bakery I might have to move into. Sunday, I didn't do anything and I enjoyed myself hugely.

While I was doing nothing, Mama Dog was doing this:

8 girls and 4 boys!

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