Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Garden Update 10 2012

I don't really know what size ball it is now, but I have a soccer ball. The storm brought me that ball and I can tell how warm it is by how inflated it is. Clearly, its very warm. The melons are also not  crimson sweets! They may have been labeled that way but they clearly are not, they don't look anything like the crimson sweets I planted last year - Oh, they start off that way but these fruits darken, I did some research and I'm pretty sure what I have here are sugar baby water melons not crimson sweets. This annoys me because I wanted the larger fruits and what I'm going to get are small melons. When full sized they will be only about the size of the soccer ball.

Anyway, I have four of these growing now.

In the othe garden everything is A) as advertised and B) finally, growing.

The peppers are smaller than they look,  but I am very pleased by their classic shapes , not many odd, lumpy veggies this time around. In a couple of weeks I am going to have a fantastic harvest that will look damn near store bought. The tomatoes are also finally starting to grow! a little oddly shaped, but I was afraid I wasn't going to have any tomatoes at all or it wasn't going to happen until later and I was going to be on vacation before they finally did their thing.

First generation tomatoes, not how tall these varieties are. These are going to be big plants and grow giant fruits. Slicers for sandwiches.

Second gen tomatoes, smaller plants, smaller fruits. These are all sauce varieties

Family picture.

The melons are moving into the yard and have all ready eaten most of my hose.

The last potato. It loos a little ragged but with just a few weeks to go, its right on target.

Moving on to the front yard.

Clearly, the heat is not good for my flowers at all.

Although, not everybody is miserable. Fern seems very happy and as long as the plants are out of the sun, they seem pretty okay with the heat.

Today's harvest

I'm going to stuff the peppers with some of the venison my father harvested

I didn't get all of these today, but I got the bag filled. I would have put these up but its too hot to spend a lot of time in a kitchen over a boiling pot.

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