Monday, July 2, 2012


I was going to put up more green beans but I decided that  boiling anything would not be in my best interest. Today I learned that my heat pump has in its job description that like the coldest days in the winter, it doesn't have to work if it has to work too hard.

I wish I had negotiated such a contract! It spends the winter in Jamaica and summers in Australia.

So. The kitties, ies, Sweetie Pie is in residence for the next two weeks and she is so excited! And I, spent the day really, really hot. I did find out that Small Cat doesn't have a problem with being wet and seems to understand about ice cubes! Sweetie Pie threw up at me when I suggested hat she might want to cool down.

Instead of the green beans I decided to make blue berry ice cream. I had some luck with watermelon ice cream last summer so I decided to try my hand at a different flavor. I am also trying to make ice cream with an actual ice cream maker  this time around-as opposed to last year when I just froze what I had and hoped for the best.

It may be too hot in here to make ice cream. Its not getting solid like the recipe directions, straight from the test kitchens at Hamilton Beach assured me it would. Maybe it would help if the kitchen wasn't suitable for making s'mores. I froze the container like I was supposed to but I think this is going to be a special case. Maybe I should sit the whole thing on a blue ice? I've tasted the batter a couple of times and it tastes all right, a little sweet for ice cream probably, but I wanted to do the recipe as written the first time. It is suitably purple though, thanks to the unused canned blueberries from the muffin mix - waste not want not, just because I have lots of fresh berries at my disposal, it does not mean we get to waste canned berries in the process. I used fresh and canned for the ice cream and I think the extra sweetness comes from the canned berries. Its okay, its a learning experience.

Its so hot outside that my indestructible inpatients have destructed! I'm going to have to replant if it doesn't get dramatically cooler in the next twenty-four hours... Oh, that's right, I don't have any money for replanting, the puppy fund must be attended to!  The flowers are just going to die and I'm going to have to look ahead to next year. Me and the puppy will go flower shopping together.

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