Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Garden Update 11 2012

Clearly, I have been busy, but [project complete, it is time to go back to the garden. I have fallen behind an almost all aspects of it and I feel bad. I didn't put up my collected green beans and subsaquently lost about half of them to decay.  Taught me a painful lesson, I was not going to let that happen to my younger peppers so I got those blanched and out up post toastie.

Mother, Daddy and Baby melon. They don't seem to be growing as fast as I thought they would. I had to remove another one last week ebcause it had stopped growing and I was surprised tha it had eatable meat inside and the meat was good. This gave me faith in this varity of melon, if even not growing, it was still tasty.

This one is growing. I wish this one had turned out clearer but I was being swarmed by mosqueteos, really, it looked like I was wearing mesh tights! I had to keep moving. I think this one is going to ripen first

The little baby-est melon.

And now onto the traditional garden.

The peppers are peppy again! They did not care for the heat. Nothing like the heat and everything just stopped growing. It was not a happy time.

The tomatoes are finally starting to produce. I had my concerns but both first and second generation plants are up and moving and heafding towards ripeness. I am disapointed with the first generation plants though because they so far have produced only a single fruit, while the spindly, sad little second generation plants are going like gang busters.

First generation tonatoes and green bean vines.

The peppers, I'm glad I didn't cage them.

Second generation tomotoes and green bean vines. I am glad I caged these bad boys.

The watermelons and their vines.

Family picture.

The backyard, mowed.

Mexican sunflower.

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