Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Spirit Animals

I decided that I am not a manatee or a mermatron any longer. I have evolved, I am in fact an otter! The otter and I are both much more comfortable swimming on our backs and we are both fond of snacking, something I can also do on my back! Its like we were separated at birth. Me and a species of animal. Yup. The whole species and me , although I am bigger and less furry. Details.

I feel like I should go to New Mexico and take a lot of hallucinogens and wander the desert! In the spirit of spiritual renewal and growth because nothing guarantees spiritual growth like sweating buckets and the opportunity to interview a thirty year old chassis. Life lessons there, you just have to listen to what the rust has learned. Its about the wind - or so I have learned from Jim Chee.

Speaking of my spirit animal, I finally was able to get back in the pool after a protracted stay on dry land. I tried to go Friday and all the lanes were full - this had never happened before. I suspect a lot of people were trying to get their Michael Phelps on before the games started, and while this is nice and all, Its my damn pool! Well, a lane of it is from 4pm-5pm M-F, and I would appreciate if other, younger, people would respect that. I am too damn old to stand around in a swim suit in public cooling my heals while  undergrad mechanical engineering majors try to pretend they have some sort of skill. They don't.  Its why they invented apartment pools and hotel pools, if you don't have your own, borrow. The public pool is for the townies. Deal with it.

I didn't even try on Monday, it rained and while that is enough to close to the pool, there was also lightening and thunder and they close the pool if it gets overcast. So, Tuesday after-work, finally - Wednesday I have an after work meeting until 5pm and I'm pretty sure that everyone who swims laps, swim laps at 5pm, so my chances of scoring a lane don't (in theory) look good. In a perfect world I would go every day but I don't think I've had a single week when that has happened. My idea was that on those days I would so something else for exercise but sadly, on those days I do not. I think my idea was that I would ride my bike but then it got really hot and the idea of doing anything outside, was out of the question. I am quite comfortable pretending the exerbike is actually a piece of modern art.

I wonder how cold Lake Superior is this year? And how do you swim laps in a great lake? Will my swim burka be warm enough? Its almost like a wet suit! Its heavy and grossly uncomfortable as well as featuring a high neck and long sleeves...  Maybe I should stop whining about how cold the pool is and stuff a couple of blue ices down my suit.  I could claim they are floaties? Weights?  My breasts?The idea needs work.

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