Thursday, July 19, 2012

I always thought red juice was a little cloying but now...

Day 2 without any roach sightings. I'm sure they'll be back but for the time being, as long as I can still smell the spray, I feel safer. I haven't seen any dead ones either and I would think they would float to the surface at some point. It makes me a little worried.

Did you know there are a hundred and twenty million mosquitoes in my backyard at any given time? I know this because I went outside to water and every damn  one of them came up to intrudes herself., oh, FYI? Total bitches, every one of them.

Also I am now severely anemic.I am light headed and I have the same complexion as Angelina Jolie - pale, lifeless, patronizing. I feel like adopting a little third world child so I can use it like a juice box...

And of course the Vampiric bitches in my yard aren't those cute, docile sparkly tween vampires in hipster drag either, no,  these were big, ugly Bram Stoker vamps with hook noses and  blood mustaches and tiny little femmy tuxedos. Bitches , and they don't look like Madonna either, they think they do but they don't.

I'm going to go lay down now and later, maybe I'll fly around the hood, bother livestock or  break into a daycare and lie in wait or what have you.

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