Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Working other things out

I didn't swim today but I decided I had a good reason. Several good reasons - 1) I needed to buy stamps and mail bills, 2) There was thunder and I doubted the pool would be open anyway and 3) It was an election day, albeit and extremely unimportant election day, I was voter #48 at when I left at 4:20 and the polls had been open since 6:30a . What can I say? I am a completest, I also own all the Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Indiana Jones films.

So I didn't just not go, I would have but I had my civic duty to attend to and that is much more important than working out. I would have bought stamps at lunch but I checked out in the Garden Center and they don't sell stamps back there but they do sell roach fog and this weekend is going to be remembered in the roach community as The Big One. I bought two kinds,  spray to take care of  my acute roach killing needs and the fogger a  more terminal solution.

This weekend will also be remembered as the Weekend The Office Got Cleaned Out And Re-Painted. Its time, it has nee ed to be done and its going to get done and I for one am looking forward to it. The carpet is even coming up, it needs replacing even more than the wall color. Knowing me however, it will be remembered as the weekend I spent the majority of my time obsessing over paint chips at Home Depot . I thought I had found a good shade at Wallyworld but once at home it looked like ass next to the drapes. Clearly the Walton Family has no taste.

I keep waiting for the puppy keepers to post more pictures but clearly they have much different priorities than I do. I want to see every minute of every day carefully chronicled and charted, I want to get to know these puppies, I want to be able to make an educated choice between the natural athleticism of Green Collar and the keen intelligence of Yellow Collar, and what of Orange Collar? is anyone really that sweet? Is Blue Collar always so bossy? Is it a Sign that Purple Collar hogs the teet? I need to know these things! Of course, the puppies are only two days old and are essentially only really capible of hungry, sleepy and poopy. I'm warming up for when they are really athletic, intelligent, sweet, bossy and piggy.

Speaking of : More Baby Pictures!

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