Monday, July 23, 2012

Meeting new friends

I got a lot of work done this weekend.  I cleaned out the office of everything I could carry and with some help got the over sized things cleared out too. Then we took up the carpet and discovered that the floors seem to be in good shape - which led to the decision to get an area rug for the floor instead of replacing the wall-to-wall with more wall-to-wall. With one design decision made, I went to the store to make another : What do I want to paint the walls?

As it turns out, I don't know! I thought I wanted one color family but it turned out to be too dark, so back to the drawing board. It might end up being a green - which is what I have now, so a less mint more sage green, but it could also go cream and and end up being a not-white.

The floor is a dark, brown-red so I think the walls should be lighter and brighter

I would prefer a color but if you are fan of color you can't say that not-white is not a color, its just not a very sexy color - but it is a color. And if it is the best shade for the space, its what you have to go with. I could decide that the best possible shade is a really dark, really rich shade of green or brown but that would be wrong, its a small room and I don't want it to become an even smaller cave...

So its back to the drawing board.

I also MET THE PUPPIES!!! Squeeeeee! They don't do very much yet, they just kind of root around and squeak and sometimes they make  little grunty noises. Their little eyes aren't open yet and they have no teeth. They have had their tiny tales docked and their dew claws removed. Their eyes should start opening by Wednesday or so, and then they start moving around more.  Mama dog liked me by the way, and I really liked her she was a sweet dog. I'm going to go back in a  couple of weeks,  or soon and thought er, because puppies! squeeee! - after they have developed a little more personality to narrow down my choices in earnest. I figured out  the real reason why we are leaving for vaca on a  Sunday instead of leaving on Saturday, its so I could go visit with the puppies before I left! Everything happens for a reason.

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