Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The un-color wheel.

The good news is that six shades of paint and to trips to Home Depot later, I found the paint. Its not to dark its not too white its right in the middle between "Did you get your hair cut?" and "Is that a new top?" . On the down side it makes the current paint look really daring and it is a shade lighter than mint toothpaste. If you are brave enough to get brave with color some times you have to brave enough to use non-colors. The unsexy colors are still counted as members of the color spectrum even if you do have to wear special glasses to see them. Change is good  and I do want to take this opportunity to point out my bright blue hallway.

The floor is dark though so there is only so much personality the walls need to have. The floor is going to be very involved with the conversation so the walls can kind of stand back a little. I'm okay with that, and in ten years if I decide I don't like the non-color, I can just change it.

In my defence, it is not builder beige. I think its lighter.

I was talking to a friend at work, an apartment dweller, about the room and she suggested Colonial Gray. I decided to not go with this because I don't think Colonial goes with the Eames era vibe the house has. I don't think I have a large enough room to handle grey - I see it used on my design shows all the time but never is smaller spaces and always paired with some super vivid color like violet or deep raspberry, Hmm, that sounds really pretty. Perhaps an entry way is born...

Among other things I'm thinking about. Why is the cat camped out in front of the stove? He's be en there for hours! He's watching the underside of it like a fan-boy! I looked under there to see if HBO was sneaking the third season of Game of Thrones under there for some reason but there was nothing there. I had been expecting maybe whatever remains of the roach population was down there planing a putch or even worse, maybe I have mice Horror! and Small Cat was discovering his prey drive at last. It turns out he's looking at nothing. There is nothing there. He's just really, really easily entertained.

Over the weekend my dad pulled the drawer out from under the stove to get a wider area to spray and I left it out for a while and I think this was the first time Small Cat realized there was a space there and now he's hooked. A whole new world has opened up for him. A sad, flat world where nothing is happening. Kind of what the Emmy people see when they watch network TV.

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