Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Sorry! I would have an entry today but I was painting the office. Actually, first I was bringing up all my paint supplies from the basement and then bringing the ladder up and then I was scrubbing the baseboards to see if they could be salvaged, i.e not painted bu as it turns out, post painting, yes they do need o be painted. Super!

I'm going to be cheap and use what I used on the walls because in that room you really do not focus on the baseboards,  and I am not going to put a second coat on the walls so I have lots of it, although I am worried about the doors but they are in better condition so maybe I'll let them pass. Yes, they will be a different color. Deal. With. It. A they say repeatedly on Say Yes To The Dress "Its my vision" or as we said in theatre, "Its a design decision".

I really want to get the carpet padding up so I can see the floor. I found a couple of questionable spots today, but I don't see them as deal breakers and now I want to pull up the padding even more. I also want the curtains to go back home because right now they are just all over everything and its making me tense - not for the mess but for the sharp hooks that I can hear falling out and struggling to lodge themselves in my feet.

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