Friday, July 6, 2012


Oh, is it Friday? I was so hoping for Saturday. Sucks that it isn't actually Friday.

I did get some news that changed my weekend plans a bit. I have a friend from home who is planning on being here next week. He will most likely want to see the interior of my house. Its a little cluttered right now, maybe it needs a little straightening, a bit of tidying, maybe some minor sand blasting and a little renovation.

So. Instead of spending the weekend doing a lot of nothing, I'm going to clean the house Its going to shock the hell out of the bugs and I'm going to have to hope that the brown water is going to be washed out of the system before he gets here. I know its harmless but its brown and I don't remember brown water at home.

 I thought about just trying to keep him on the outside, its cleaner and people expect to see bugs outside, I'm afraid that one of my housemates will decide to make an appearance and will get really annoyed with me when I have to kill him without my usual screaming fit - usually their cue to scurry out of the way. I give them too much warning.

I will try to be much more stealthy.

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