Friday, August 10, 2012

All I ever wanted.

I decided if I am going to eat in the car I will enjoy what I eat in the car so I went and picked up lovely croissants and single serve containers of pringles and I am going to make my own personal tuna  with my own personal nothing gross added.

Small Cat also needed some road food as well so he can maybe start thinking about something other than mock stalking the mouse . If he would just kill the damn thing he could move on with his life and move out of the kitchen and go back to doing whatever it was he did all day pre-mouse invasion.

I think I'm just going to leave him downstairs all night and let him hunt the little monster down in a way that perhaps during the day is not possible for whatever reason. I just think he would be happier if he could go back to dozing all day. I wonder if he misses Daisy?

I miss Daisy.

When I get sad about her not being here I try to think about being happy when one of these is here.

Speaking of being here and not being here. I am not going to be here in a daily way for a while - I'm going on vacation, I will be posting but not as frequently. But I will be around. Its going to be a weird period, there will be no Daisy for the firs time in a decade but by the time I get back it will be time to pick out Future Puppy and he/she will come home on a couple of weeks later. Wow.

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