Thursday, August 9, 2012

Garden Gossip

Instead of keeping myself busy running vacation themed errands or puttering around the house taking care of  vacaion-y tasks, I was falling asleep in front of the TV and then post nap, getting all BDSM with the gtreen beans!

In years past the beans have gotten away with some "bad touches" and downright molest-y behaiver with the other plants - this year they have graduated to strangling neighboring plants! I had to cut and chop multiple offending vines! And then do orthopedic work on the weakened and damaged tomato plants. I've never had to actually destroy green beans in the name of tomato lives! I don't even like tomatoes, I plant them for the gardening exercise! I just like seeing a plant go from a little seedling to a sturdy plant.

 I actually  really like green beans but I can't let them kill the other plants. What if that got out? What if the tomato community found out I don't value them as much as beans? I would never get another plant to grow much less produse fruits.

 I found fruits today I hadn't seen before because the vines had weighted down the branches! How can I obsess over them if I don't even know they are there!? true, this school of gardening works out well for melons - who always do better before I know they are there, but, I its not the same thing for the smaller veggies. This is so not good. Its bad gardening and its bad tomato husbandry. I should know better.

Days ago I found a ripened, chewed up tomato by the fence and I had wondered where it came from, I even thought it might be a neighbors vegetable and strong the critter was to carry it so far...Now I know where the mystery tomato  came from, it wasn't from next door, it was one of mine! I could have saved it. If I had but known it was there I would have blanched it and put it up with the others. I've finally gotten smarter about the whole "vine ripened" fallacy, once they get a little pink they come inside where its safe. I don't want to feed the critters, I leave out  cat food for that population. Grumble.

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