Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tuesday before the Friday

Look what my friend sent me!

Isn't it cool! I know Daisy would think it was awesome, she was a staunch yellow dawg after all. I imagine that future puppy is waving his/her tiny paw in solidarity from the bassinet.

My original topic was going to be that I successfully stopped the leak from the timer for the backyard irrigation system and moved the more valuable plants to the back so now it and them are all set for me to leave for vacation.

 They are ready for me to leave but I'm not, I keep thinking up things I need to get done - especially at work! One of my co-worker is going to do most of my duties but she is being very apathetic about the whole thing. She did do it last year but still, and the others are not exactly banging down my door with questions either! They should be, they are going to have to do things for themselves for a few weeks and they should be a lot more curious about how to do them.I think they are under the impression that someone else is magically going to do those thins for them if they are inept enough... Sadly, not going to happen, they are just going to look like morons and end up getting irritated with me because I didn't spoon feed them everything. Ya can't feed what won't come to the table!

I have a whole buffet of useful information and they aren't even nibbling at the "this is where the office supplies are stored" crackers, and they are totally ignoring the "fed the fax machine face up" dip.

I'm going to snack on the "replacement toner is in the closet" salad.

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