Thursday, September 6, 2012

A Million Tiny Putzes

Instead of doing something fun, i.e shopping for Alphagals birthday gift , I vacuumed thoroughly the downstairs, laundered all the launder-able linens and drowned the cat in anti-flea cat mist - the beasts were climbing off his head like rats from a sinking ship!  Little did they know I had no problem spraying kitty in the face! They were pouring off his little body! It was gross. I can do this once a week. I need to get some spray for the carpet and bomb again before Future Puppy comes home.

I think the fleas were able to take over the way they did because after Daisy passed, I stopped vacuuming that room and didn't launder any of the bedding. I closed the door and they went ape shit, by the time I was ready to open that room again they had reached maximum density and it was fleamageddon.  I had inadvertently kept the population down for years by treating her with Frontline on a schedule and bathing her at least once a month and at that time, vacuuming the room and washing the bedding. And then I stopped. Mistakes were made.

I felt a little odd and I looked down at my bare ankle a moment ago and there was nothing crawling on it. It was a weird feeling.

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