Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Urban Jungle

 I came back from vacation to a house colonized with fleas, occupied by mice and a backyard rain forest. Welcome Home, Me!

Yay. The house I'm going to have to do something with soon, the back yard I'm going to have to get on now. I have a puppy coming home in a couple of weeks and the backyard is not ready. The puppy isn't going o be spending a lot of time there, but I think potty time would be a lot more agreeable if puppy could see over the weeds. I'm also not sure what lives out there in the weeds and I don't want it getting a toe hold.

A toe hold like the flees have inside, for instance. They fleas have to go before puppy comes home. I'm going to have to bomb the house again and so some serious repeat vacuuming and hot-water laundering because Small Cat and I don't like playing dot-to-dot with the fleas at all. They irritate me to a point but they really irritate Small Cat, even after being treated with the top of the line flea killer. They have to go.

It is easier for to figure out how to deal with the yard. Cheaper too, to be honest. Here is the yard as it is, keeping in mind I all ready weeded the melon garden and whacked at the grass with the scythe.

Post scything.

For a really small space, it looks massive when its in as bad a shape as it is now. On the upside, it is green.

The hanging baskets didn't make it through my vacation. In my defence, they were looking a little peaky when I left and I didn't have much hope they would be there when I got back. The first job I tackled was pulling the dead plants out and adding the dirt to my pretend compost bin. I also added some cut up water melon rinds and some tomato skins for zest.

Does it look really heavy? It is! Does it look kind of massive? It is! The only potted plants that did well while I was gone was the ferns. My old room mate fern might have outgrown the entry way, and little fern isn't little anymore either. I'm not sure where either of them is going to spend the winter, they have to be somewhere where neither animal will eat them and where they won't be in  my way.

Little fern is really not little anymore, its smaller than Ferny but its a lot bigger than it was in the spring. The ferns have loved the wet, humid weather. Everything else died or really had to work hard to keep going.

I'm not sure you can see them but there are four melons hiding in there. I ate half of one of the melons and I was sadly less then delighted. It was good but it was the superior melon that I turned out last year. Note to self, be really careful when buying melon plants.

The peppers are producing like mad and there are four tomatoes ripening up. I think the curtain call for the garden may be early this year. I have to do something with the feeder hoses because I have to mow the yard and I can't do a really through job with them in the way. I could just unhook them for the mowing but that leads to leaks - but, I think I'm just going to have to deal with it because I don't want to have to pull everything up before they really need to be pulled up - but how many peppers do I need?

I have so much work to do.

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