Tuesday, September 4, 2012


I'm back but not really. I did have a lovely birthday party and yummy cake and that was very nice but now I am now involved with pouting and mumbling under my breath and rolling my eyes. I'm back but I'm not happy about it.

I'm also not happy that I was gone for three weeks and the elves didn't step in and fix everything that was bothering me when I left! The damn nerve. There were fleas in the house when I left and they are still here! I fumigated! Nothing should be alive at this point. But everything is alive! The mice are still here! The fleas did not flee!

Also, the backyard was not landscaped while I was gone. I left it slightly over grown and came back to a jungle!  But... After I hacked my way through the over-growth, I found that my plants were positively gravid with fruits! My sauce tomatoes even came ripe! The fancy plants didn't even flower. The peppers didn't take a vacation and they produced like it was their job.

A little more exploration found some melons! Small, but ripe

And while I was feeling sorry for myself, I began to feel sorry for the peppers. I helped them reach their potential.

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