Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Baby Rocket

Its different with a puppy. They are much different than a dog, really, really different than an elderly dog. Puppy's are louder they want stuff they want to do stuff and sadly, they don't have the words yet . They have whining and crying and howling and screaming. They scream, I didn't know this, I don't think Daisy ever screamed about anything. It wasn't her way.

Despite the screaming,  I keep looking around and being a little shocked that this puppy is here and he's mine and he's what I've been waiting for all these years and he is here. Being here means being crated and I don't remember the crate being a struggle with Daisy. There was Daisy and there was a crate and then there was a larger crate and that was it. Daisy was six months old. Baby Rocket is now twelve weeks old  and he does not like the crate. At all. If I wasn't certain that he would eat my house and ruin the floors, I would let him sleep where ever he wanted to. It would stop the screaming but it would be a mistake.

But its so hard to make him unhappy, He's so little! He's a like a toy dog, he's just teeny and his ears are so big and his blue eyes are so pretty and expressive and he so cuddly and warm and soft and fuzzy and he tips over sometimes and he falls asleep in the middle of a thought and he's always up for a cuddle and he likes to be carried around and he's just the sweetest baby!

Friday night into Saturday he slept from eleven to seven. I thought how wonderful!. Saturday into Sunday he slept from eleven to seven, and I thought He is magnificent!. Sunday into Monday, he went to bed at eleven, and screamed for half and hour, and slept until one, somehow he knew I had to get up. And I got up and took his little butt outside and hoped like hell he did whatever he needed to do. We went back to bed and he screamed for half an hour and I thought Oh Jesus!

Aside from the screaming. Have I mentioned that spending several hours having a warm puppy snuggled up on your chest is just about heaven? And that  Between walks, visiting family, meeting the neighbors, seeing the vet and potty breaks, I spent the whole weekend with a warm puppy asleep on my chest.

Speaking of walks? Rocket walks on a leash like he's been doing it for years he just trots right a long his little tail in the air and his little butt all pert and puppyish, you can tell he's a very proud little dog. He's going to be a big dog though, his feet are enormous but there are still smaller than his velvety soft ears. Everything about him, including his screaming, is perfect.

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