Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Mommy (least) Dearest

Well, the Puppymoon is over. He peed on the carpet.

He's been so good! I'm pretty sure he's wet his crate a couple of times but he's been so good about the rest of the house. He hates his crate, really, really hates his crate! He screams and cries and whines and makes sounds like a dog being fed tail first into a sausage grinder. Slowly. He can go on and on and on. I can't be with him all the time! How long will he suffer like this?

I feel like a very bad dog mommy.

Until a minute ago he was sleeping on my lap, I decided to get up and move around and with the carpet peeing incident fresh in my mind, I put him in his crate. God I'm mean.

I need him to love his crate, I need him to not scream the whole time he's in the crate. He seems better when I'm close by but I put him in the crate because I can't be close by, I need to go the basement to wash more of his bedding, I need to take a shower or clean the cats box  or make dinner and some of these times he needs to be away.

He has a scrape on his nose and a blip on his lip from the crate fence and these make me feel like a dog abuser! I'm really hopeing the puppy school guy can enlighten me about how I should be handling these things. I feel very stupid a lot of the time, pretty much all the time he isn't A) sleeping in my lap or B) walking. We walk a lot. But at some point we have to go home and home is where the crate is. So I keep him out of the crate as much as possible but the more he's out of it the more he fails to get used to it. I really need for him to get used to it.

Its harder to "walk a lot" today for instance because its raining. We got in a two nice walks in spite of it and I was hopeing for a third quicky before bed but its raining again and I don't think its going to happen. Instead we'll just take many, many, many trips outside. Sigh. He's barking/crying again and I know its scaring him, his nose will all ready never be the same. I was hopeing I would be better at all this.

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