Thursday, September 13, 2012

Puppy Count Down

T- 24 hours. I have two crates, one for travel one for living, both with brand new cushy padding, puppy food, puppy bowls, puppy toys, puppy toys, puppy toys, puppy leash, puppy collar, puppy treats. I've got my pet insurance on stand-by, a puppy trainer lined up and I've made the puppies initial vet appointment. Whew!

I also think their is a chance that puppy might end up living in travel crate at the very beginning because Spacious Crate might be a little too much space at first for a potty training puppy. Puppy will move up in a  few weeks but its better for his training regime if he's in a more compact space at first.

Now I just need a puppy. And I need the breeders to get in touch with me and let me know which puppy I'll be bringing home. I had settled on Green and Yellow Boy but I allowed that I was still open to a girl puppy, but now I think I really want Yellow and Green Boy.

It made collar shopping a trial.

I did a  silly thing and spent the bucks on a matching leash and collar ens-amble - Dumb, but puppy is going to be tiny for such a short time and will be photographed so many hundreds of times, I want the pictures to look nice and for puppy to look nice in them. Also I can't bare to use Daisy's' anything, so there is that. Daisy went through several collars before I found the right one so I have no doubt this will be an ongoing theme. I like the new leash though even though is too small for life long use, it does glow in the dark as does the collar and that make me feel safer about early morning walks and late night trips to the potty.

I got a very nice glow-in-the-dark set and they feature lovely paw prints in shades of gray.

 I think they will look very becoming on puppy. I wanted to start off with the Baracks Best Friend collar but its a little large yet. It will get worn, oh yes, it will get worn.

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