Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Travelers Canceled my Policy Because I Made A Claim.

I spoke with the Insurance Commission about what Travelers did to me  - AKA  Travelers Canceled My Policy Because I Made A Claim.

Apparently, because they sent a notice to tell me they Were Canceling My Policy Because I Made A Claim, its legal and my complaint would go on file but otherwise languish. I bet Travelers donates a lot of money to Mitt Romney, you can tell they are his kind of folks -  Rich Scum Bags.

Since the state wouldn't help me I went to Travelers,  to ask why They Canceled My Policy Because I Made A Claim.

I wrote them an email :

My Police was canceled after many years of coverage. It was canceled because I made a claim for $3400 in the wake of  a tornado on April 16, 2012. I have not made a claim since that occurred and I received a letter of renewal in July.

Today I received another letter informing me that my policy was canceled because I made a claim for the damage incurred during the April 16, 2011 storms in Raleigh NC.

I did not know that it was part of our "deal" together that I was to send you a lot of money for many years and then as soon as you are put into a position to give some of that money back, you cancel my policy. What you did according to the NC Department of Insurance, is not illegal, it is however, unethical and I am telling every one I know through word of mouth and social media what kind of company you are.

I thought Travelers was a good company and that is why I chose you in the first place, I was wrong and so is everyone else that places their trust and their money in you. Be ashamed.

They are supposed to get back to me but I really would doubt that this is going to happen. Because they are corporate scum bags. Don't do business with Travelers Insurance.

To make myself feel better I went at lunch and bought puppy food and puppy bowls. After work I bought a nice soft blankey for the puppy's' travel crate

Of course I had to over think this. There was another remnant in the pile that was clearly meant for babies and it was very cute and was covered with cute baby-centric messages. I almost got this, but the guy cutting the fabric had to go back to electronics and I had time to think about it. I settled on the still juvenile, but not as expressly baby-centric design because it is a nice, warm fabric and puppy will surely use it for years and it isn't necessary or even appropriate long term  for it to say "baby" all over it.What I really wanted  was the fabric decorated with paw prints, but they wanted twice what they were asking for the remnants and I wouldn't do it.

 And when I came home I made watermelon ice cream.

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