Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Travelers Insurance Canceled My Policy Because I Submited A Claim

Yes, that's right : Travelers Insurance Canceled My Home Owners Policy Because I Submitted A Claim. Period.

It was a claim for $3462, on April 16, 2011. A tornado - not something malices I did. a tornado, an act of God if you will, uprooted a giant tree, knocked down my fence and damaged my carport. I got out lucky, my neighbors house was crushed.

They sent out an adjuster, he looked at the damage , wrote me a check and I went about the business of putting my yard back together. Time passed and everything got better, my neighbors fixed their house and we all moved on.

July 25, 2011, I got a renewal notice from Travelers thanking me for allowing them to continue servicing my Homeowners Policy, they appreciated my business and wanted to be my BFF forever. Forever isn't as long as it used to be.

The reason for un-renewing my renewal was the "windstorm" on April 16. I called my agent and was greeted by a very tired woman who had all ready heard from many clients like myself in the past couple of hours and we were all pissed. She was pissed, she was surprised that they canceled me because all the other cancellations including the woman who had all her insurance through Travelers canceled because her house was robbed - were all along the coast and the agent surmised that Travelers was getting out of the hurricane business. It turns out they are getting out of the weather business.

After getting thousands of dollars out of me over the last decade they dropped me and apparently, many others, because they had to give some of it back.

Avoid Travelers Insurance, they are rotten and greedy and most likely support kicking puppies to death and the election of Mitt Romney.

Today is September 11. Rest in Peace. Humans were not the only ones who served, The dogs who searched and rescued.

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