Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Checking IDs

The new schedule worked much better this morning. Rocket didn't let lose until we hit the drive way and that was just fine. He slept dry all night. Here's to hopeing for a repeat! The rest of the morning wasn't as  to schedule as the paper didn't arrive on time but we're all going to work on it. I also replaced the long walk with our normal walk and it felt better.

I was so pleased with his over night dryness that I let him have one of his soft toys in his box when I went to work.  That was a mistake. I feel bad for him in his hard crate with only hard toys to snuggle up to! It makes me feel like a bad dog mommy. I also feel like a bad mommy because I had him being older than he actually is. I was telling people he was 14 weeks old when in reality, he is only eleven weeks and change! Three weeks is a huge amount of time in puppy life and I think I should cut him some slack on some of his behaviour, a little slack, not much.

I still feel bad though! I've been like You are 14 weeks old! Why aren't you better potty trained by now?! Why don't you come when you are called more uniformly?! Why are you so much hard work!? When I was really saying Why aren't you more like Daisy? - Which is shockingly unfair to Rocket and mean of me.

Poor little Rocket just always looks at me when I get in these moods and says Because I am only eleven weeks old and I am a BABY! You wanted this! You worked for this! This is what you dreamed about! Deal with it! And I will. I will do better by him.

He is chewing  like crazy so maybe he's a little ahead of schedule, he's in Early Chewing, big time chewing is supposed to be a post twelve weeks old  bench mark and he's all ready chewing on my furniture and having aching gums and refusing his perfectly good kibble - just like one of those teething twelve week olds, the big kids. and like those big kids, right now he's very excited about gnawing about a frozen hand towel. next stop, frozen carrots!

And since he is younger than I had thought, I can also give myself some slack about his food issues, He is eating roughly what an eleven week old is supposed to be eating so I can chill on that a little. I am however going to phase out the expensive food and phase in another (cheaper) brand because its ridiculous to spend the big bucks on food he doesn't like and then forcing him to consume it. He's going to end up on either Pedigree or a high end Purina like Purina Pro Puppy formula. I learned about PPP on a weim forum and Pedigree from a former vet tech at the rec center who came to admire Rocket and talk Dogs. He was happy to see me working with Rocket and I was happy to pick his brain on dog food.

Yay for Doggy socialization!

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