Thursday, October 4, 2012

Dog in Space

Rocket had his very first big boy bath tub bath tonight and he ... pretty much hated it. True, at first he really, really hated it but by the end, he still kind of hated it.

I don't know how someone with so little fur can  get so dirty that he  can stink so bad. He reeked of male dog urine about three minutes after  his first bath last week. I decided that it was the bedding's fault so I pulled it entirely and now he sleeps like an penitent monk. A stinky penitent monk. I discovered it wasn't that his box smelled it was he that smelled up the box. I just don't get it, even when Daisy  with her layers and layers of fur was a dirty dog she didn't stink, she might have had an odor but it didn't effect the whole environment. Rocket gets toxic.

So, enter Mr. Bathman. Weimaraners are born water dogs. They love water! they were bred to retrieve ducks from the water. Water is their friend - right up until  the advent of baby Rocket. Rocket thinks water is super, as a beverage, but really feels that any other use of the material is inappropriate. He does however seem to have a future as an agility dog, a sport that weims excel in, he loves to climb and seems to have really good balance for such a young dog. it would be nice for him to have a "thing" to do, dogs like to be kept busy and agility would certainly keep him busy and in shape - however, agility does require lots of gear and I don't want a lot of gear. Perhaps his calling is more along the lines of therapy dog. More giving less gear.

And he just peed the carpet! He didn't even have the good graces to go hide in a corner and let go, he walked right in front of me and struck the pose! I take him out every half hour, not "like" clock work, clock work and still he pees on the carpet. This is disheartening and I probably did the wrong thing, I shrieked and then called him a bad dog - in my defence I did catch him in mid-pee so it wasn't a mystery to him why I was shrieking or why he was a bad dog, and he was all of a sudden outdoors- where he continued the pee and was  roundly praised for it. This whole school of training that preaches of rewarding the good behavior while ignoring the bad is not working. I need more ammo.

I think I'm going to join the Triangle Weimaraner club in hopes of meeting other weims that might be an example to Rocket about How To Be  Weimaraner. I think he's going to need to be tutored.

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