Thursday, November 1, 2012

Costume parade

So far three groups of children and bonus, they were all actually children. Its early yet.

The kids were so young that one of them was open;y unimpressed by my pretzels. he kept digging through the container to see if perhaps I had hidden something he actually did like in there. Nope. Just the pretzels. Lots and lots of bags of pretzels. Sorry kiddo, I don't like them either.

I had thought I would take Puppy for a run at the baseball field but then I remembered that it was halloween and he has a costume! Its a little scary how close I came to blowing the whole opportunity off.  Instead of hiding at the field, we went on the long walk that we both needed and he got to be admired by many, many passerbys. He was either a Craydog or a Zombie Lobster

Daisy was always admired by passerbys. Sigh. If Daisy had made it until Halloween, she would have worn one of these costumes I got after halloween last year. I am so glad I had her model them.

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